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This is the last part of our 3-part poll on engagement. (Part one here)

Do you expect the world to change for the better, or worse? How confident are you in society’s ability to improve, reduce inequality, and raise standards of living?

Find out how your views compare with the world, below…

What are your expectations for the next ten years? Please say how strongly you agree or disagree with the following statements:

1. “I expect standards of living to rise for most people in my country in the next ten years.”
2. “I expect inequality of wealth (or the gap between rich and poor) in my country to decrease in the next ten years.”
3. “I personally expect to enjoy a higher standard of living throughout my life than my own parents did through theirs.”

When you click 'Vote' you'll be asked to register to see the results this time round. It takes two clicks! But, of course, you are free to choose.

Join us! Canvassy is an open polling network. Our goal is to enable people to see where their views and knowledge fit alongside others’. That means your votes count! Register now and have your voice heard…

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