This site is personal project run by a UK citizen, resident in the UK. I’m not a professional pollster. I have worked on a variety of websites and apps in the past.

The point of the site is to see if it’s theoretically possible for a non-professional pollster (me!) to gauge the mood of the nation and then share the polling results in an open, useful, unbiased way. To me it seems like all those commissioning polls with professional pollsters have their own agenda, and results are publicised selectively to support the case they’re making. The intention here is to gather as much polling data as possible, and then open it up (anonymously – no one’s personal data or individual choices will be published) for all the world to see and analyse. So I have two requests: one, please answer the survey honestly (and only once), and two, please share this link with your friends.

(Side note: I do understand that there are issues with self-selecting polls like this. And in internet polls which people can theoretically answer more than once – though please don’t do that! I’m not trying to solve those problems, yet, and I’ll be up-front about that in the presentation of the results. I am, however, thinking about how those problems could be solved in future…)

About your data

Please rest assured I won’t be sharing or selling your personal data with anyone. I’m collecting email addresses only so I can let people know about the publication of these poll results and any future polls I run. These email addresses are collected and held in MailChimp. They won’t be leaving there for any other system. You can unsubscribe through that system. Likewise, I won’t share, sell or make public people’s individual choices in the polls I run. I will, however, be publishing the aggregated, anonymised results. I hope that’s okay with you. 

I’m just an individual who is interested in polling on the internet; it’s no more complicated than that (at the moment). However, if you’d like to get in touch with me to ask any questions related to this site and poll, and not answered here please email me and I’ll get back to you.

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