Coming soon: Ask the world

Canvassy’s mission is to enable our users to pose their own polling questions to the whole Canvassy network.

We’re working on systems which will allow you to reach enough people with your polls – whether your friends and acquaintances, or people who are ‘like you’ more broadly, or the whole world – to get the answers you want to the questions that interest you.

This is work in progress. We’re not there yet, but if you’d like to know when we go live with our public-access polling system, please register with one of the methods below, and we’ll alert you the moment it launches!

Registration will also enable you to view existing poll results immediately, start voting in polls yourself and see how your views fit with the Canvassy community, people like you, your friends (if they’re on Canvassy – if not, invite them obviously), and the world at large.