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Netflix and Hulu started it, now Amazon, Apple, Disney and Google want their slice of the pie too. But whose TV streaming service is best? Who has the greatest films and TV? Who offers the best value for money? See if the rest of the world agrees with you: vote now…

Please say which from the list below you view as the best TV streaming service.

I believe the best TV streaming service is:

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Racing games, zombie games, fighting games and shoot-em-ups – video gaming has outstripped cinema in the past decade as the most popular form of entertainment. How good is your knowledge?

Answer these ten increasingly difficult questions and hit submit to find out how your knowledge compares with the rest of the gaming world...

1. Who is Sonic's sidekick?
2. Which of these is NOT a player class in Team Fortress 2?
3. Who is the protagonist in the game 'The Walking Dead: Season One'?
4. Which of these is NOT a main playable character in 'Grand Theft Auto V'?
5. Gordon Freeman is said to have burnt and destroyed what food in the break room microwave?
6. What snowy mob was added in Minecraft 1.10?
7. Which of these is NOT the name of a team leader in Pokemon GO?
8. Which of the following games has the most playable characters?
9. Why was the character Trevor Philips discharged from the Air Force?
10. In Monster Hunter Generations, which of these hunter arts are exclusive to the Longsword?

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Amazon, Apple and Google are fighting for control of our homes with Alexa, Siri and Google assistant helping us find music, podcasts and radio stations, read recipes, switch the lights on and off, and much much more. But which one is the best? You decide…

Please answer for all three, whether you've used them or not. You can always answer "Not used it / no opinion".  Devices are listed in alphabetical order.

1. Amazon Echo

2. Apple HomePod

3. Google Home

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