Quick poll: Britain’s future outside the EU

Britain has left the EU. As some in the UK celebrate and some mourn the change, we want to know how you think the country will fare now it is not an EU member.

Will it be more economically successful? Will working people be better off? Will immigration levels change? Have your say, and see how your views compare with the rest of the world…

[3-question poll: 2 minutes to complete]

Now that Britain has left the EU, what are your views about the country's future? Please say how strongly you agree or disagree with the following statements:

1. "Britain will be more a more economically successful nation outside the EU that it would have been inside the EU."
2. "British working people will be better off after leaving the EU than if the country had remained a member."
3. "Now that Britain has left the EU the government will succeed in reducing the number of immigrants arriving in Britain."

Join us! Canvassy is an open polling network. Our goal is to enable people to see where their views and knowledge fit alongside others’. That means your votes count! Register now and have your voice heard…

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