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With less than a week to go until Christmas, answer these ten questions to find out how your festive spirit compares to the rest of the country. We’ll buy a ‘Help a Hound Feel Healthy’ gift from the Dog’s Trust on behalf of one winning survey participant.

The Dogs Trust says this gift is, “A 5 star check-up by our vet experts and will help one of our dogs get back on four paws again”. Full gift description here. Competition terms here.

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2. Take the poll and view results immediately (if you’ve registered):

Please say whether you agree or disagree with the following statements:

1. I am looking forward to Christmas.
2. Christmas is an important time for the family.
3. Christmas is an important spiritual time for me.
4. I feel lonely at Christmas.
5. My Christmas shopping is well planned and organised.

Three questions on your Christmas activities:

6. Which of the following will you be doing this Christmas...?
7. And which of these do you think you will do this Christmas...?
8. How much, in total, do you think you will spend on presents, this Christmas? (£, $ or €))

Finally, two questions about the Christmas story:

9. How many wise men visited Mary after the birth of Jesus, bearing gifts for the new baby?
10. In the Christmas story, Mary is accompanied to Bethlehem by her husband Joseph. Can you tell me Joseph's occupation? Was he...?

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